Cruises for Singles Over 50

If you are single and over 50, you may be looking for suitable seniors travel options that are stress free, enjoyable and easy to make friends. While I would say to you that being single should not inhibit your travel dreams, the reality is, if we haven’t traveled as a single much before, we can experience a little ‘single travel dissonance’ when trying to chose what we want to do. As someone who has traveled wide and often as a single, I truly believe that one of the best seniors travel choices for singles over 50 are cruise ship vacations. Check out my top reasons you should consider cruises for singles over 50.

Minimal Physical Travel

One of the stresses of traveling solo is ‘how am I going to get from A to B with all of my bags’. With cruising, you do not need to concern yourself with the logistics of getting from one town to another on your own, not to mention some of the perils of train journeys between destinations. The Best way to cruise is by taking a NO Fly cruise.You are able to travel direct from the UK with cruises from southampton and cruises from dover

What Cruise Vacations Offer

I love the fact that you unpack your bag only once and the ship takes care of the rest. You have enough offerings to keep you entertained throughout the entire voyage, and you get to meet other like-minded singles on board.

In fact, cruise ship vacations are becoming such a popular choice for singles over 50 that there are actually voyages that cater only to this particular market. If not, most ships offer a singles mingle program that caters to people who would like to meet other singles. You will make new friends on board in no time at all. A quick Google search will net you a handful of cruise ship vacation choices, for a variety of budgets and expectations.

The key to enjoying a cruise ship vacation for singles is preparation. Take a day or more to decide what you really want to do on your vacation. Do you want to enjoy good food? Do you want to get some fresh ocean air and exercise? Your answers will help you decide which cruise to take!

Most cruise ships offer activities like swimming, sports, and concerts where singles get the opportunity to mingle, dance, and simply have some fun. Again, it’s a good idea to choose a cruise ship that offers the exact activities you’re looking for. You’ll get the best value for your money that way.

Here’s a tip — if meeting new people is important to you on your cruise, then choose smaller ships. Smaller ships are better because there are fewer passengers, and the chances of bumping into someone you met yesterday are higher. Passengers in larger ships are more anonymous.

The Story On Single Supplements

The most obvious disadvantage to traveling alone is the single supplement. The “single supplement” is the extra cost that cruise ships charge when you take a room that’s normally meant for two passengers all to yourself.

Most of the larger cruise ships don’t have any single-occupancy rooms. Most rooms house two occupants, which means you may need to have a roommate to avoid the extra charge. However, this is changing. New ships are being built every year and many are catering to the surge in demand for single cabins. There are also some ships that will have the occasional special for single occupants, so always keep an eye out for single specials.

Share A Room With A New Friend

Some cruise ship companies and social media networks offer ways to find good, like-minded roommates to make the vacation more affordable.

There are also a few cruise companies that offer a ‘share with a stranger’ program where the team you up with another single of similar age and demographic.